GUZMAN GLOBAL is the parent company of a family business group founded in 1939 and active since then in the supply of industrial raw materials. Minerals, coffee and nuts, and ingredients for the food industry make up our offer to various sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Exports and imports are, nowadays, activities fundamental to the supply of various raw materials, providing the industry with an efficient service that contributes to meeting the needs of our more than 4,000 customers in 53 countries.

Our headquarters are in Valencia (Spain) and in Guzman Minerals there is an industrial plant in Nules (Castellón) and a concession at the Port of Castellón.



Values: our objective becomes a reality through our values, which govern our day-to-day activity and guide us in our decision making, from integrity and a long-term approach in the relationship with our customers and suppliers to closeness to people and their development and wellbeing. We are always committed to society, as well as to all our stakeholders.

Objective: we are committed to sustainable business development, which allows us to maximize the creation of shared value and wellbeing in the sectors and communities in which we operate, in a responsible manner and through an innovative, ethical and humanistic business model, based on principles of good governance inspired by GUZMAN’s historical values.

Commitment: our projects are an integral part of our corporate responsibility plan, ethical commitment and reporting to our stakeholders.

Development of our people

We firmly believe in long-term sustainability and therefore offer long-term projects in which the wellbeing of people is our success factor.

We present a professional project in which you will find:

  • Conciliation and flexibility: we reward people for their effort, creativity and the value they bring to the organization, not for the time they spend in the office. That is why we are committed to flexible working hours, remote work and self-organization so that people can better reconcile and organize their time, thus being more efficient.
  • Growth and development: we have a set of policies aimed at boosting and developing our people, through their preparedness, progression and promotion, always with a long-term perspective.
  • Closeness: we believe in direct, close and transparent communication.
  • An internationalized working environment.