About us

Guzmán Global is a family-run company that specialises in the international distribution of raw materials for industry.

Our origins go back to 1939 when we started importing chemical products used in several key sectors of the Valencian economy, such as furniture manufacturing and textiles.

These chemicals were gradually expanded to include other materials such as rubber for footwear, plastics for toys, minerals for ceramic tiles, and coffee and nuts for the roasting sector.

Today we boast a diversified product portfolio that services over 4.000 clients in 53 different countries. With a workforce of 200 staff, our head office is in Valencia and we have subsidiaries in Portugal, Italy and Turkey.

grupo guzmán


A diverse and innovative product portfolio featuring the highest standards of quality.

A dynamic, comprehensive service tailored to the needs of our clients.


Guzmán Global is a member of the United Nations Global Compact

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