6 March, 2016

European Sharebox Project

Guzman Global Minerals B.U.  participates in the Sharebox project which is framed in the scope of the Spire Programme under Horizon 2020, funded by the European Commission and which is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of energy and resources in different industrial sectors, including ceramics.

The project is coordinated by the company Iris and will last for 48 months. As well as Guzman Global, 15 organizations will participate, including companies, universities and research centers from various European countries, including the Ceramic Technological Institute.

The main objective of the project is to develop a secure platform from which to conduct flexible management of resources used in industrial processes, which can be shared by various companies through this innovative tool, to reduce production costs and industrial consumption of natural resources (raw materials, water and energy).

The ultimate goal is to facilitate the implementation of industrial symbiosis. To do this, accessible, solid and reliable software will be developed, that will be tested in actual industrial settings, such as the ceramic cluster of Castellón represented in the project by different companies located in the industrial area of La Mina in Nules, including Guzman Global.

The first phase of the project started last September 1st 2015, with the identification of the industrial requirements, in order to carefully decide the definition of the platform specifications.