7 March, 2016

Guzman Global present at Cevisama 2016

For another year Guzman Global was present at one of the main showcases for the ceramic industry in the world, CEVISAMA’16. The Minerals Business Unit has participated for more than 30 years as an exhibitor in Cevisama to present innovations and to establish new collaborations both within and outside our country.

In the recent edition Guzman Global presented an innovative stand design, highlighting its strong commitment to the international presence of its Minerals business.

Guzman Global’s stand was visited by prominent customers of the national market, as well as some of the most relevant in North Africa, Middle East and Europe.

In parallel, Guzman Global also benefited from the presence of those in charge of its most significant represented, such as Alcoa, Imerys, Esan, Incusa and Doral, enabling them to socialize openly with the final customers of their products.

Guzman Global succeeded in fulfilling its previously established objectives. The new initiated contacts will permit us to establish new business, which will continue to strengthen our international presence.

Cevisama’16 was useful for us to evaluate the growth of the Brand Armin, as a world reference of zirconium silicate. Other own brands, such as Blancmin, are moving in the same way in various countries around the world.