7 March, 2016

Keys points for the import of nuts and dried fruits

In Guzman Global we have 30 years of experience behind us specializing in natural products for the roasting industry. We import a wide range of nuts and dried fruits such as peanuts, pistachios, raisins, walnuts or cashew nuts from different origins. 

There are a number of health requirements on imported nuts and dried fruits to ensure the protection of human health, the interests of consumers and even the environment. Among them we find general rules concerning the hygiene of foodstuffs; rules on waste, pesticides, and contaminants in food; specific requirements on the marketing and labelling of raw materials for the food industry, etc.

Another aspect to take into account is the cost of maritime freight, since the price depends on the goods and the origin and destination of them.  We must also consider the possible sanctions of the International Community on countries for political issues. For all of these things affect the import of nuts and dried fruits.

Among our key competitive advantages are our 30 years of experience with an optimum control of all our processes and products such as the different kind of nuts and dried fruits that we distribute. We have extensive experience in the industry and we keep updated to try to facilitate all relevant movements and to know, perfectly, what each of the goods requires. Our experience makes our customers trust in our complete logistics network and our presence in more than 25 countries with which we meet the demands of the industry anywhere in the world.