7 March, 2016

Import and export of nuts and dried fruits

In Guzman Global we have 30 years of experience in importing and exporting and in the marketing of natural products for the roasting industry, offering a wide range of nuts and dried fruits such as peanuts, pistachios, raisins, walnuts or cashew nuts, the same product but with different origins.

In Spain each year the consumption of nuts increases due to knowledge of its many health benefits. Thus, the distribution of nuts is becoming increasingly important.

For exporting and importing nuts there are different sanitary requirements in Europe compared to other destinations. In Europe, at the time of importing, general rules must be complied with, amongst others, concerning hygiene of the products, special rules on foods, or official controls and inspections to ensure compliance with EU regulations relating to food. Something which is continually updated and that must be respected at all times.

At all times, according to the product, country of origin or destination, the means of transport most suitable for the goods will be used.

In Guzman Global we have a complete logistic network to meet the demands of this industry at national and international level.  Our close relationship with our suppliers and customers places us in a beneficial position in the industry of importing nuts. We already have 30 years of experience with an optimum control of all our products, among which are the different kinds of nuts that we distribute.