7 March, 2016

Harvest and processing of Green Coffee

In Guzman Global we have a wide portfolio of diversified and innovative products. Our business unit specializes in natural products for the industry of coffee roasting, has a good reputation with 30 years of experience, offering a wide range of Arabic and robusta coffees, and we also have green decaffeinated coffee from different origins.

Green coffee is obtained from the ripe cherries of the coffee tree. The seeds, known as green coffee or gold coffee in some countries, are those which are later toasted for the preparation of the drink we all know.

Harvest of Green Coffee

The quality of the coffee is closely related to the form of its harvest. 

For this to be optimal, the coffee must be harvested when the cherries are ripe and red, but not excessively, as it would be more difficult to process and would be a product of lower quality. For its harvest they need an extended period of time in intervals of 7-14 days to be able to harvest the cherries, since they do not reach their maturity at the same time.

Manual harvesting is intense work with a high economic cost.  Therefore, it has been tried to improve productivity with mechanical harvesters, Brazil as a producer in flat areas has already introduced harvesting machines, other producing countries in mountain areas do not have the possibility of automating the collection of cherries.

The processes that you can follow from collection to marketing are:

  1. Harvesting of the coffee cherry at its ideal point of maturation.
  2. The process of drying in the sun or the process of pulping, fermentation, washing and drying of the coffee cherry depending on the quality that you want to obtain.
  3. The process of extracting the coffee bean for the subsequent cleaning of impurities and classification according to the demand of the buyer.
  4. Transportation from the country of origin to the consumer country.
  5. Roasting of the coffee by origins for its subsequent mixing and thus to obtain the different qualities that we currently consume.

In Guzman Global we carry out careful quality control to ensure that the product complies with the requirements and expectations of our client. We have our own tasting room and coffee tasting to ensure that our customers can check the quality of the different types of coffee that we distribute.