25 March, 2019

Guzmán Global and Corporate Social Responsibility

With the launch of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we seek to place importance on social, economic and environmental improvement. Assuming a fundamental role as an active player in the transformation of society and long-term sustainability, the company is making its contribution to a more inclusive, conciliatory work environment (people), a fairer and more humane social environment (society) and a more sustainable environment.

Guzmán Global’s commitment to society comes from its corporate values (references are taken from its corporate culture and business) and takes the form of specific initiatives in all three action areas:


This action area includes initiatives aimed at the people who make up Guzmán Global.  The actions seek to improve the working environment, making it more inclusive and favouring the conciliation between personal, family and professional life.

Philanthropy and patronage

Philanthropy and patronage include initiatives for a fairer and more humane society. Actions in this area focus on the struggle against poverty, on protecting vulnerable collectives and on promoting culture.

Environment and sustainability

This action area focuses on protecting the natural environment and on its sustainability. The actions seek to improve waste management, raise awareness of the importance of respect for the environment and promote environmental restoration.

Guzmán Global, new patron of the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics

Within the framework of our CSR initiatives, Guzmán Global has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics. As a result, it is now the third patron to support the IECO-UV Chair and does so in conjunction with the cosmetics company RNB and the bathroom fittings company Royo Group (RGIB).

This new alliance reiterates and puts into practice Guzmán Global’s commitment to the Chair’s programmes for promoting ethics in organizations.

It also highlights the shared interest of both entities in promoting a humanistic vision of business within and beyond our borders, helping improve the ethics of people, institutions and society as a whole.