7 March, 2016

Coffee and its health benefits

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of the western world and is widely consumed in both America and Europe, although it has its origin in Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula. The main compound of coffee is caffeine, a highly stimulant component that affects the nervous system. There are detractors and defenders on whether it has benefits or not for our health, and therefore it has been the subject of numerous scientific studies. As these investigations advance, there are constantly more studies that grant more benefits than disadvantages to coffee consumption, which is good news for both caffeine lovers and coffee companies.

In addition to stimulating, coffee is a vasodilator and prevents the appearance of some diseases. It contains riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin.

It is the largest source of antioxidants, ranking above many fruits or vegetables. But, as with everything, we should not abuse its consumption. Experts recommend no more than 4 cups a day.

According to the School of Public Health at Harvard University in Boston the benefits of coffee consumption are:

  • It positively affects cognitive function: the coffee stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters responsible for accelerating brain activity. It also improves memory, mood, energy, reaction time, vigilance and reflexes, namely brain functions in general.
  • It improves physical performance: in addition to accelerating the metabolism and helping to burn fat, it also increases adrenaline preparing our body for physical effort.
  • It reduces the risk of developing diabetes: coffee drinkers reduce this possibility between 23 and 50%.
  • Less risk of having a heart attack: there is a belief that caffeine is linked to heart disease, but on the contrary, a moderate consumption reduces the possibilities of heart failure.

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