Our own brand

Guzmán Global Solutions is the hallmark of quality for the products under our own brand which guarantees that these products are made under the principles of our commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.

Under this brand GUZMAN GLOBAL has gathered 75 years of experience in the different sectors in which we operate, from food, rubber, minerals, plastics and chemical products among others, reflecting the values of the Company which is always geared towards excellence and professionalism, translated into a commitment for quality in the products, service and management; dynamism, being capable of reacting and anticipating market needs; innovation, providing intelligent solutions; reliability, in relationships with clients, suppliers and partners.

ARMIN, our own brand
  • ARMIN 05: Zirconium silicate opacifier micronized at 5 micron
  • ARMIN 325: Zirconium silicate flour, at 325 mesh
  • ARMIN’s: Capability to grind other granulometries
Other brands produced by us
  • ALUMINA PS-M: Calcined micronized alumina
  • BLANCMIN: Whitening agents for body
  • DEFFLOCULANTS and liquid barium carbonate
  • ENERMIN: Energy saver
  • KHU BAO: Washed robusta green coffee
  • ALUMINA HYDRATE EPM: Micronized Hydrate
  • TIOMIN: Titanium dioxide